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Web dev. – frontend – usability
UX engineer from Mallorca

jordisanJordi Sánchez is an Information Systems Engineer and Masters Degree in HCI.

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Most of my work has been for internal projects, but here you are some samples


I have published some personal projects in my GitHub repositories: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue/NuxtJS, React, Java/Bootstrap/Angular, C#/ASP.NET, Python/Django, PHP/Drupal, …


UX & development

Personal project: full development of a UX application based on UX heuristics.

UX heuristics is my compilation of usability and accessibility heuristics based on Drupal. Every set of heuristics is also in the form of a spreadsheet to use them for evaluations.

UX heuristics

E-commerce (PrestaShop)

Analysis and implementation of La Morenita, a full e-commerce website based on PrestaShop.


Implementation of different responsive designs for HULT International Business School using HTML, CSS and JavaScript; and integration into their CMS (Sitecore) using XML, XSLT and .NET technologies.

HULT website

Usability user testing

Execution and results of user tests performed for a Joomla! congress. Don’t miss the videos embedded in the slideshow!

Usability evaluations

Examples of quick informal usability evaluations published on my blog:

UX manager

My personal project UX manager (former UCDmanager) is a web application aimed to manage and document User eXperience, User-Centered Design and usability techniques, in an integrated manner: user roles, personas, heuristic evaluations, usability user testing, etc… Fully developed and maintaned by me using Drupal; includes a Windows app.

UX manager

Research & dissemination

UX Magazine published my article about a proposal for a set of psychological usability heuristics, which includes a spreadsheet to apply them on real evaluations.
My article on UX Magazine

The Spanish magazine “No Solo Usabilidad” published my article about the real meaning of User-Centered Design: En busca del Diseño Centrado en el Usuario, which also includes a proposal, this time for a more practical definition of UCD.
My article on No Solo Usabilidad

Some other proposals published on my blog trying to achieve better usability and UCD techniques:

Web accessibility

I’ve done several reports in order to evaluate the accessibility conformance of several websites; some of them became part of public talks I gave, like this one about the accessibility of three websites belonging to government agencies.
Slideshow during the talk about accessibility

How I can help you: SERVICIOS

  • Definir cómo deben ser tus páginas (pantallas) o cómo mejorar las actuales

    Prototipado interfaces; evaluaciones usabilidad; pruebas con usuarios; …

    Posicionamiento (SEO); responsive design; multinavegador y multiplataforma; accesibilidad web; …

  • Programar tus interfaces

    Desarrollo front-end (HTML, JavaScript, CSS); XSLT; XML; plantillas; …

  • Crear tu web o aplicación

    CMS (Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress, Sitecore); e-commerce (PrestaShop, Open Cart); PHP; Windows 8; …

  • Entender mejor a tus usuarios y sus necesidades

    Analítica; requisitos (casos de uso, roles y “personas”); entrevistas; …

  • Formar en nuevas tecnologías

    Formación sobre usabilidad / UX (introducción; técnicas: prototipado, evaluaciones); accesibilidad; cursos introducción web; …

UX manager: towards a real User-Centered Design