Most of my work has been confidential, but here you are some samples

(also some code in my GitHub repositories)


Implementation of different responsive designs for HULT International Business School using HTML, CSS and JavaScript; and integration into their CMS (Sitecore) using XML, XSLT and .NET technologies.

HULT website

Responsive design

Definition and implementation of the responsive version of an existing Drupal theme (with some usability improvements) for AndroNautic

Responsive version of Drupal theme

Full-stack web development

Entire life-cycle of some web sites, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, customization of CMS (Joomla!; Drupal; Sitecore; …), SEO, web analytics, etc.
This personal website itself has been fully implemented by me using WordPress and responsive web design, and is hosted in an Amazon AWS hosting.

E-commerce (PrestaShop)

Analysis and implementation of La Morenita, a full e-commerce website based on PrestaShop.

More PrestaShop

Products by CMS is a PrestaShop module approved to be sold at the official marketplace; it has been developed using PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Screenshots of 'Products by CMS' PrestaShop module

Other developments (Windows)

I try to keep my role as a developer in different environments; for example, I won a Windows 8 Summer Camp with ‘Menéame’, an application for Windows.
Screenshot of 'Menéame' for Windows

Usability user testing

Execution and results of user tests performed for a Joomla! congress. Don’t miss the videos embedded in the slideshow!

Usability evaluations

Usability evaluation of static prototypes for theBellhop, documented using UCDmanager.

Usability evaluation report for theBellhop.com

Examples of quick informal usability evaluations published on my blog:

UX manager

My personal project UX manager (former UCDmanager) is a web application aimed to manage and document User eXperience, User-Centered Design and usability techniques, in an integrated manner: user roles, personas, heuristic evaluations, usability user testing, etc… Fully developed and maintaned by me using Drupal; includes a Windows app.

UX manager

Research & dissemination

UX Magazine published my article about a proposal for a set of psychological usability heuristics, which includes a spreadsheet to apply them on real evaluations.
My article on UX Magazine

The Spanish magazine “No Solo Usabilidad” published my article about the real meaning of User-Centered Design: En busca del Diseño Centrado en el Usuario, which also includes a proposal, this time for a more practical definition of UCD.
My article on No Solo Usabilidad

Some other proposals published on my blog trying to achieve better usability and UCD techniques:

Web accessibility

I’ve done several reports in order to evaluate the accessibility conformance of several websites; some of them became part of public talks I gave, like this one about the accessibility of three websites belonging to government agencies.
Slideshow during the talk about accessibility