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Interfaces – front-end – usability – UX (whatever they mean) from Mallorca

jordisan Jordi Sánchez is an Information Systems Engineer and Masters Degree in HCI who tries to develop his work in the border areas between human and computers, and between research and professional projects.

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My proposal for a usability logo

Border areas is where interesting things happen; so I work on both:

  • the interaction between humans and computers, performing, analyzing and reporting multiple techniques of usability and UCD, either as an external consultant as well as a member of a development team;
  • the integration of research tasks into professional projects, publishing some of my work through papers, courses, speeches, blogs, etc.

Meanwhile, I’ve been developing other skills: languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, …); CMS like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Sitecore, …; SEO techniques; web analytics; Windows 8; etc.

Most of my work was confidential, but here you are some samples


Implementation of different responsive designs for HULT using HTML, CSS and JavaScript; and integration into their CMS (Sitecore) using XML, XSLT and .NET technologies.

HULT website

Web development

Entire life-cycle of some web sites, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, customization of CMS (Joomla!; Drupal; Sitecore; …), SEO, web analytics, etc.
This personal website itself has been fully implemented by me using WordPress and responsive web design.

Other developments (Windows 8)

I try to keep my role as a developer in different environments; for example, I won a Windows 8 Summer Camp with ‘Menéame’, an application for Windows 8.
Screenshot of 'Menéame' for Windows 8

Usability user testing

Execution and results of user tests performed for a Joomla! congress. Don’t miss the videos embedded in the slideshow!

Presentation of usability user testing on Joomla!

Usability evaluations

Examples of quick informal usability evaluations published on my blog:


My personal project UCDmanager is a web application aimed to manage and document User-Centered Design and usability techniques, in an integrated manner: user roles, personas, heuristic evaluations, usability user testing, etc… Fully developed and maintaned by me using Drupal.


Research & dissemination

UX Magazine published my article about a proposal for a set of psychological usability heuristics, which includes a spreadsheet to apply them on real evaluations.
My article on UX Magazine

The Spanish magazine “No Solo Usabilidad” published my article about the real meaning of User-Centered Design: En busca del Diseño Centrado en el Usuario, which also includes a proposal, this time for a more practical definition of UCD.
My article on No Solo Usabilidad

Some other proposals published on my blog trying to achieve better usability and UCD techniques:

Web accessibility

I’ve done several reports in order to evaluate the accessibility conformance of several websites; some of them became part of public talks I gave, like this one about the accessibility of three websites belonging to government agencies.
Slideshow during the talk about accessibility

How I can help you: SERVICIOS

  • Definir cómo deben ser tus páginas (pantallas) o cómo mejorar las actuales

    Prototipado interfaces; evaluaciones usabilidad; pruebas con usuarios; …

    Posicionamiento (SEO); responsive design; multinavegador y multiplataforma; accesibilidad web; …

  • Programar tus interfaces

    Desarrollo front-end (HTML, JavaScript, CSS); XSLT; XML; plantillas; …

  • Crear tu web o aplicación

    CMS (Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress, Sitecore); e-commerce (PrestaShop, Open Cart); PHP; Windows 8; …

  • Entender mejor a tus usuarios y sus necesidades

    Analítica; requisitos (casos de uso, roles y “personas”); entrevistas; …

  • Formar en nuevas tecnologías

    Formación sobre usabilidad / UX (introducción; técnicas: prototipado, evaluaciones); accesibilidad; cursos introducción web; …